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Design Workshops


Wedding Stationery is typically designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, but everything from the save-the-date, to invitations, to programs to the menu should reflect a story. This series of classes will show you how to create a customized and cohesive design to a wedding, so a bride’s story is truly reflected in all the details of the wedding items.

Kaliente Design offers a series of workshops will show you basic design principles, key aspects to consider when creating wedding stationery, and how to approach a project in a systematic way so the final results are both heart-warming and stunning.

We have created a unique teaching style and playfulness that continues to endear our exponentially growing student base. As an experienced wedding stationery designer, I has been part of enough weddings to know what works and doesn’t work and can offer valuable inside knowledge into the industry.

These workshops will teach you how to create paper and digital goods that truly reflect your journey with your partner. No previous design experience required, but always helpful.



7 Full day Workshop

This Workshop is in studio and is for the person that wants to start their own business to experienced designers to brush up on new technique, For the to the bride that wants to create her own story.

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1 Day Workshops

This Workshop is in studio and is single project with specialized techniques to enhance the project. This will cover concepts from Laser cutting, doming, custom seals, personalized embossing and much more. This class uses templates and focuses more on the technique than design.

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