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Frequently asked questions......

Is it battery-powered?

Yes, the phone comes fully charged and we supply a USB lead as backup.

Do we need a phone line?

No, the phone has a built-in memory for string all your audio files.

Can I get a USB drive for my recordings?

Yes, you can get a USB drive with our Phone Memories service.

Is there a limit on how many recordings the Audio Guestbook can hold?

Nope, unlimited recordings!

When will I receive my Audio Guestbook?

You will receive your Audio Guestbook no later than 2 days before your event.

How to return the Audio Guestbook?

We supply you with a prepaid label & flyer bag for the Courier Guy. (Instructions are supplied in the box)

Do I pay a deposit for the Audio Guestbook?

Yes, you have a deposit of R1250 on the booking of the Audio Guestbook, and the balance 7 working days prior to your event.

Can I unplug and move the Audio Guestbook to another location?

Yes! The phone is wireless so you can move if needed!

Where should I put the Audio Guestbook at my venue?

We recommend placing the Audio Guest Book in a location you could comfortably have a phone conversation.


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