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Banking Details:
Name: Kaliente' Events Dance & Design    
Bank: FNB    
Branch: Cresta Shopping Centre (Lower Level)    
Account no: 62398711153    
Type: Business Cheque

Terms & Conditions:
The above time lines may vary depending on production schedule and nature of production require. This will be communicated and confirmed via email. Please email the signed confirmation and Proof of Payment to 

Please note new working hours: 
Monday to Thursday 7:30am – 5:30pm, 
Fridays & Saturdays 7:30am – 1pm (Subject to availability due to set up of events), 
Sundays we are closed. 

You are welcome to message us outside of normally working hours but we reserve the right not to 
respond until stated working hours. 
Any work required outside of our normal working hours – will be subject to overtime charge at the discretion of Kaliente. 
Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Please note for Dance Lessons: Full payment is required before lessons start unless otherwise organised with Kaliente. Each lesson is captured and signed off on the lesson: 


Please note for design work: By paying the deposit, you [the client] agree that you have read, understood, and accepted Kaliente’s Terms & Conditions: 
1.    On acceptance of Quote – 50% deposit is required
2.    The deposit amount fee is non-refundable.
3.    Once the deposit reflects, digital design process begins
4.    1st Digital designs may take up to 7-10 working days depending on current production 
5.    A total of 2 revisions of the design work are included in the design fee. Any additional changes will be charged for. 
6.    Once the digital mocks are signed off – a working sample will be made up within 5 working days.
7.    Once physical mock up is signed off production begins
8.    Production is between 10-14 working days unless otherwise stated
9.    Full payment is made before or on collection
10.    Only work quote for will be completed.
11.    If additional work is required, you [the client] will be billed for all extra work/hours. 
12.    A standard design fee will be charged for all custom design work
13.    All designs must be signed off and approved by you [the client].
14.    Once sign off/approval has been received any changes/additional work will be charged for at the discretion of the designer.
15.    Kaliente’ owns all designs produced. 
16.    Kaliente’ reserves the right to use all designs and photos of work for marketing & promotional use. 
17.    Laser cutting/engraving is billed according to the time taken to cut/engrave. The more detailed the design the longer the cutting/engraving time. 
18.    A mandatory machine set up fee is charged for all laser cutting/engraving. 
19.    Once cutting/engraving has begun the job is final. 
20.    If cutting has begun by the time of cancellation, you [the client] will be liable for the full quoted amount. 
21.    Job delivery time is dependent on the complexity and quantity of the job. The client will be advised on lead time within the quote or via email.
22.    A rush fee will be charged for if the job is required within 7 working days of initial quote. 
23.    Prices of materials are subject to change due to external influences. 
24.    When the material is supplied by the client, extra material may be required for testing. 
25.    If materials are supplied by the client, Kaliente is not liable for any loss or damage of the material while being held on the premises. 

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